Artist of the Week: Anna George

Anna George is a junior and a member of the art club as well as stage crew for this year’s musical.

Q: What kind of art do you enjoy making the most? A: I enjoy making anything that involves paint. It takes a long time but in the end it’s worth it.

Q: Who is your favorite artist or who inspires you the most? A: I cannot think of just one artist. Some of my favorites are Keith Harring, Linsdey Way, Andy Warhol, Mrs. Gartley, and much more.

Q: How would you describe your style of art? A: I would describe it as slightly realistic. It’s not completely realistic because I need more practice in that area. I also draw more cartoony looking pieces.

Q: Do you plan on having art as a career? A: I plan on having a tattoo apprenticeship while I am studying in college. If that goes well then I will hopefully work in the tattoo industry.

Q: If you could meet any artist dead or alive, who would you meet? A: Andy Warhol because I love all of his art including his photography. He is just a very interesting person and artist who inspires me.

Q: Does making art relax you or can it be stressful for you? A: It can be both. If I’ve been working on a piece for a long time or I keep making mistakes then it starts to become stressful. But other than that it’s pretty relaxing.


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