Artist of the week: Bailey Gammon

Q: Is there a style of art that you prefer?
A: “I prefer 3d art and ceramics.”

Q: How long have you been doing art and why did you start?
A: “I have been doing art since 8th grade and I started so that I could enter in the scholastics art and writing competition.

Q: Who’s an artist that you can relate to?
A:”I feel like I don’t relate to one specific artist because my mediums are so different.

Q: Do you have any accomplishments?
A: “I have won many multiple scholastic awards for my dress designs, 5 regional gold keys, 1 regional honorable mention, and 1 national American vision award.

Q: What’s your favorite art piece?
A: “My favorite piece that I have made would be my dress made from old army uniforms to show awareness for veterans suicide.”

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