Artist Of The Week: Dusty Plume

Q: What art form are you most passionate about?
A: “I have a background in digital art, and I tend to focus on character design.”

Q: What do you use as your inspiration?
A: “The music I listen to influences my design. I’ve noticed Will Wood, then, has played an immense part in my character designs. The character design of OKKO and the modern She-Ra have influenced my design choices.”

Q: What made you want to pursue digital art?
A: “I would draw little comics when I was a kid as an outlet for my creativity. The habit of designing characters for those comics has stuck with me, I guess!”

Q: How has UHS helped you to pursue and advance your skills?
A: “UHS hasn’t, admittedly, done much to bolster my talents in character design. While participating in the Art Club and a few Art classes has provided a foundation on which to build my skills, the majority of my development as an artist has been self-driven.”

Q: Do you have an artist that you are inspired by?
A: “My biggest inspiration is Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and I would love to eventually elaborate on his surrealist portraits through art of my own.”

Q: Do you have any works that you are proud of?
A: “One drawing stands out to me more than the others: a drawing of one of my characters, Basil, standing aboard a ship. I like the movement of the image, and I was already a fan of Basil’s design.”

Q: Do you have any advice for future artists?
A: “Stop worrying about perfection and stay away from social media if you can. There is nothing validating in watching a follower count increase and that external motivation will never really be fulfilling. Just draw because you find it fun, because that’s what art should be.”

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