Artist of the Week: Grace Amend

Grace Amend is a Junior here at UHS. She is also a dancer at Lanzi Academy of Dance going into her senior year of dance. I interviewed Grace to talk about her art as well as her interests.

What art form are you most passionate about?
A:  “I am most passionate about dance.”

Q: What do you use as your inspiration?
A:  “I use my peers as my inspiration because we all work together to be come better overall.”

Q: What made you want to start dancing?
A:  “I wanted to be able to perform on stage. After I went to see The Nutcracker in Pittsburgh I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Q: What do you enjoy doing other than creating art?
A: “ “I like having fun and going on trips with everyone from the dance studio. It feels like a big family vacation.

Q: Do you think you would want to do something with your artform as a future career?
A: “I would like to be on a dance team in college, but I don’t think I would want to dance as a career.”

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