Artist of the Week: Kathryn Walters

Q: What form of art or creative media are you passionate about?
A: “Sketching and painting.”

Q: What do you use as your inspiration and why?
A:” I take inspiration from other pieces I find online, I see something I like and I want to create something in that style.”

Q: Is there any particular work that you are proud of?
A: “My realistic drawings.”

Q: Do you have any other hobbies that you are skilled in?
A: “I also like to do creative writing and often write stories for illustrations I’ve made in the past.”

Q: Do you have any advice for artists that may not be confident in their work?
A: “Keep practicing and don’t give up, everything is art.”

Q: How has Uniontown High School helped you improve and refine your skills?
A: “The art classes have helped me improve my landscape drawing skills.”

Q: How did you learn to draw and do 2D art?
A: “I started following tutorials on YouTube when I was very young.”

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