Athlete Interview: Aliyah Saunders

Tomahawk Talk did an interview with Sophomore Girls Basketball player, Aliyah Saunders, on how her basketball season has changed during the pandemic.

Q: Has your basketball season changed at all due to Coronavirus?
A: “ We now have to wear masks during conditioning and go through safety procedures. Because of coronavirus we are uncertain of many things about our season like games and spectators.”

Q: What’s the biggest adjustment you had to make during the season?
A: “ The biggest adjustment is my schedule is always full. I’m either at school, practice, a game, or home working on homework to make sure my grades are good”

Q: Are people allowed to come sit in the bleachers and support? Or are the games live streamed?
A: “ As of right now, it’s still undecided and I’m sure each game we play will have a different set of rules”

Q: What’s one thing you love about basketball?
A: “ I love the distraction it provides. It helps relieve stress. When I’m stressed or sad basketball helps me deal with those emotions. “

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