Athlete Interview: Isaac Conklin

Tomahawk Talk did an interview with sophomore soccer player, Isaac Conklin, on how his season has been going so far during the pandemic.

Q: How has your soccer season changed due to Corona Virus?
A: “We have to wear masks coming into practice and we aren’t to give high fives and say good game.”

Q: Are people allowed to come support and sit in the stands during games?
A: “Yes, people are allowed to come watch but the athletes have to get a ticket from the coach and they have to give it to the people who want to watch.”

Q: What is the biggest adjustment you had to make during the season?
A: “ The biggest adjustment wasn’t really anything major, except we got a new coach.”

Q: Have you been stressed due to changes you had to make while playing soccer during the pandemic?
A: “No, it hasn’t been stressful. The season has been pretty much the same as it was before the pandemic, except for minor changes.”

Q: What’s one thing that you love about soccer?
A: “ I love to improve on things that I am not so good at.”

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