Athlete of the Week: Adena Rugola

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 12

Q: What sport do you play?
A: Golf

Q: Why did you choose golf?
A: I started golfing at the age of 7 shortly after my sister Danae started playing and I’ve loved the game ever since

Q: Do you have any future plans with golf?
A: I plan on golfing at the collegiate level and have verbally committed to Youngstown State University

Q: How do you celebrate a win?
A: Weather I win or not, my family and I tend to go out and eat

Q: Where do you usually rank on the team?
A: I play as #1

Q: What is your favorite meal after a match?
A: Cajun ranch wings

Q: How long have you been playing golf?
A: 11 years

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
A: My family

Q: How has your older sister Danae helped you?
A: She really has helped me all throughout my career, and always pushed me to be better because I always wanted to be as good or even better than her. She has definitely been a big part of where I am today.

Q: What is your favorite hobby other than golf?
A: Antiquing

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Hot pink

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