Athlete of the Week: Alex Pecsko

What grade are you in? I am a senior, 12th

What sport do you play? Baseball

Why did you choose baseball? I love the game

Do you have future plans with baseball? I plan to play at Westmoreland County Community College

How do you celebrate a win? Go out to eat with the team 

What position do you play? Third base

What’s the key to success in baseball? To play your heart out and don’t let a mistake dictate the rest of the game.

What is one thing you love about baseball? Making plays 

How has your season changed because of the corona virus? We didn’t get a season last year but I’m thankful we are this year.

Who’s your biggest supporter? My parents and grandparents

How long have you been playing? About 14 years

What is your favorite color? Orange

What is your favorite food? Steak

What advice do you have for other athletes? Give 110% every play, and at all times.

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