Athlete of the Week: Hope Trimmer

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 12th

Q: What sports do you play?
A: Cross country and track.

Q: How did you get involved in this sport?
A: I was always good at running in soccer, so I did track in 7th grade and I was convinced to do cross country in 8th grade and I’ve been running ever since.

Q: How do you prepare to compete?
A: I make sure that I’m well hydrated and that I’ve eaten enough calories and the right kinds of food. I also make sure that I’m mentally prepared, especially if it’s an important meet or a championship meet, so this means a lot of prayer and visualization. I sometimes like to study my competition before the day of a race as well.

Q: What do you consider a successful meet?
A: I consider a meet successful when I’ve pushed myself when I got tired and kept a strong and positive mindset before, during, and after the race. PR’s are great, but you can totally have a good race without getting a PR.

Q: Who are your biggest supporters
A: My parents, my coaches, my teammates, and even some competitors I know from other schools.

Q: How do you think your team will do this season?
A: I think the team will do great things this year as long as we get along, put the arguments aside, and just focus on the sport and what we can achieve.

Q: How have these sports helped you in your day to day life?
A: Running motivates me to get enough sleep, drink water even when I don’t want to, and to eat a balanced caloric diet. I also think that the discipline that comes with the sport gives me good practice when it comes to discipling myself in other areas of my life.

Q: Do you plan to continue with this sport after high school?
A: Yep!

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