Athlete of the Week: Jeremiah Hager

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 10th grade.

Q: What sport do you play?
A: Basketball.

Q: Why did you chose this sport?
A: Out of all the sports I played growing up I liked this one the most

Q: Do you have any future plans with the sport?
A: I hope to be able to play in college.

Q: How do you celebrate a win?
A: I go out to eat with friends.

Q: What’s your go to post game meal?
A: Chicken tenders and fries with BBQ sauce

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
A: My mother

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: Red

Q: How do you think the team will do next year?
A: I think we will at least make it to the WPIAL championship.

Q: How has basketball helped you?
A: it’s helped me stay in shape and create new bonds.

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