Athlete of the Week: Lee Troup

Q: What grade are you in?
A: 12th

Q: What sport do you play?
A: Football

Q: What position do you play?
A: Wide Receiver and Safety.

Q: Why did you choose this sport?
A: It is a lot of fun to do and I’m in love with the sport.

Q: Do you have any future plans with the sport?
A: I would like to be a football coach one day.

Q: How do you celebrate a win?
A: Go out to eat with my friends.

Q: What is your go to after game meal?
A: Subway

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
A: My dad

Q: How do you think the team will do next year?
A: I think more kids will come out to play, because we won some games, and I think the program will continue to get better.

Q: How has Football helped you?
A: I was able to meet lifelong friends through my teammates, who I know I can count on when I need them.

Q: What makes you successful in your sport?
A: Coming to practice everyday, and learning from your coaches.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration in your sport?
A: Larry Fitzgerald Jr.

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