Athlete of the Week: Mason Stewart

Q: What grade are you in?

A: 11th

Q: What sport do you play?

A: Cross Country

Q: Why did you choose cross country?

A: I chose cross country because it would keep my in very good shape and it is such a great team environment

Q: Do you have any future plans with cross country?

A: I want to go to college and get a scholarship off of running

Q: How do you celebrate a win?

A: I try to celebrate with the team as much as i can

Q: Where do you usually rank on the team?

A: I’m usually in the top three of every race

Q: What is your favorite meal after a race?

A: I love steak after a race

Q: How long have you been running cross country?

A: 5 years

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?

A: My biggest supporter is probably my dad, he always looks stuff up online about running all the time

Q: Who is Joe Everhart to you?

A: Joe is a coach and mentor, Joe has taught me so much as well as made me better at running and helped me with my journey with God

Q: What is your favorite hobby other than running?

A: Probably basketball, I don’t play a lot but I do when I can

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Green

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