Back in the Lab

With COVID affecting many things in school students at Uniontown Area High School had to put a hold on being able to do laboratory experiments in science classes. Now with numbers decreasing and things slowing down we are now able to start them back up. With that being said I asked some questions to one of our science teachers, Mrs. Celashi, here at Uniontown about how she felt, about being able to start labs back up again. Here is what she said:

Q: How do you feel to be able to do labs again?
A: Very exciting, it feels good to have the kids back in the rooms again.

Q: How did COVID affect how you taught your classes?
A: It made it very difficult cause we had to teach on a computer screen , and you can’t demonstrate certain things appropriately.

Q: What did you like better teaching from online or being more hands on?
A: More hands on for sure teaching online stinks.

Q: Did you enjoy teaching at home?
A: No I did not I prefer to be in class with the students and all of my science equipment

Q: What would you tell students in the future if something like COVID happened again and go us shut down?
A: Do the best you can with the online platform, and try to come together to get back in school.

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