Due to the recent renovation of the gymnasium, there has been an addition to it. A badminton court has been placed on the far end of the gym next to the basketball court. One person who is excited about it is Mr. Scott, physical education teacher here at UHS. “I love badminton. It is a great hand/eye co-ordination game. Most students have a great success at this game.” says Scott. This court will be used throughout the regular class periods and the badminton tournament. It will also “host” the championship games for the best female and male teams. “We have been asking for an official badminton court for years. Our new gym is a perfect facility for an official court.” In larger classes he has 50 to 60 students. With this court he can have an additional four students play. “The students need to realize what a great opportunity this is for them.” Although the make shift courts are fairly close to standard courts it is nice to know and see what a real one looks like.

P.S. “I put a challenge to all students, if you can beat Mr. Scott, you get an automatic “A” in the class. Only three students have done it!!” And just a heads up, “I am training for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.”-Mr Scott


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