Baseball Playoff Hopes

The boys baseball team are having one of their best seasons in a while. Their overall record is 8-4 and their conference record is 4-4. With the season coming to a close and only 4 games remaining the team has only one thing in mind right now…making playoffs.

The team hasn’t made playoffs in 10 years, and the team wants to make a change this year. This comeback from a 3-9 didn’t happen overnight though. The boys have been putting in a ton of effort during the offseason and its starting to show off. New coaches Jim Burns and Joe Lapresta have also helped the team a tremendous amount. They can’t let up now though, their playoff hope is so close!

For their last four games the boys play Ringgold and Laurel Highlands twice each. If the team splits and goes 2-2 or even 3-1 they have a pretty good chance of making playoffs. However they aren’t hoping to chance, they want to secure it. The team is going to try their hardest to go 4-0 in their last games and doing this will definitely send them to playoffs.

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