Baseball Season is Here

The Uniontown baseball team is going to kick off their season with a bang. The Boys have been training hard to stride into the playoffs and take it all this year. They have acquired two new coaching members to increase staffing for both JV and Varsity. The new coaches are Joe Lapresta and Jim Burns, they are both Uniontown alumni. They both are planning to help Uniontown get to the playoffs and win it all. They are great additions to the team and want to help the program.

This year the coaches have 25 team members to choose who to take into the games and fight to win. They will be challenging the members to get better and want to win. Joe and Jim are highly decorated players and are willing to go above and beyond the call to help the team get better. They both are putting their principals of the game and “old school” methods to help us get better. We are becoming mentally and physically stronger at each practice.

The team will travel to the annual spring training in Florida and face off against players from around the country. Are you ready for the season?

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