Baseball Senior Night

The Senior Night for the baseball team will be held on Friday the 29th. The team plays the Mount Pleasant Vikings at 4pm. The three seniors, Hunter Chaikcic, Erick Odum, and Colt Sparks will be honored, for their hard work and dedication. The three of them are the only seniors left after all four years. They’re the last ones, everyone else has moved on.

The three of them are as thick as thieves as they say, and will never forget this night and what it means. Throughout their years the team has had highs and lows, and are excited about making the playoffs for the first time in many years. This years team is very special, led by a very special trio.

These three are the foundation of this team. Without them I highly doubt that we’d be in the position we are now. Their time here won’t be forgotten, on and off the field. Truly, their presence will be missed. This is a very bittersweet experience for the team, you’re glad to see them move on but you’re sad they left.

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