Uniontown Baseball team is about ready to go. They have been training and working so hard. They had cuts on March 14, 2013 and they also handed out uniforms to the people who made the varsity and junior varsity teams. They have been working out a lot after school. We haven’t got any good weather lately for them to have practice outside on an actual field so they can practice game situations. The baseball coach and teams are both excited for the good weather so they can practice outside on a field instead of just conditioning a little bit everyday after school. Conditioning is good, but practicing on a field is better for baseball and softball so that everyone can learn game situations and for the people who have never played baseball before, learn how to play the game.

There is a lot to the game of baseball, it’s not just something you need come and play. For hitting, you need to keep eye coordination, squish the bug with your back foot and pivet your hips while swinging, block everyone out, remembering everything you learned on how to hit the ball and where you want it to go, and knowing how fast the speed is of your swing so you know how to time the ball so you can hit it. Also for hitting you need to know how to keep control of your bat and temper. If you hit the ball in fair territory, you need to drop the bat, NOT throw it and run to first base as fast as possible to be safe. You need to make sure you listen to your coaches to. If your coach says something and you don’t do what they say, it is your fault no matter if you did something good or not, you are still going to be punished. Now if your coach says something and you do listen to what they say, and you do it, and you still make an error or don’t get an out, you don’t have to worry about it because the coach told you to do that and it is the coaches fault not yours. If that happens, you will not get in trouble. For fielding, if you are a pitcher you need to block out all of the noise, cause if you don’t the people in the stands will get to you and you will start throwing crazy. Other then that everyone on the field needs to keep all of the attention to what is going on in the game and nothing outside of the game. Even if it is a boring game, all attention needs to be directed to the game. If someone hits the ball and the person it goes to in the field isn’t paying attention, they might get hurt depending on how hard the ball is hit. But you will definitely still get in trouble by your coach if you are hurt or not. One thing fielders do need to know is what they need to do if they get in a game situation like a run down.

Other then all of the things you need to know about playing baseball, just have fun. Your coach will always say no matter what if we win or loose, the most important thing is that you had fun while playing!


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