Basketball Fairytale

In El Paso, Texas, there is a boy named Mitchell Marcus, who is a senior at Coronado High, and also the basketball teams’ manager.  Mitchell has always loved basketball, but he has a developmental disability.  In the last game of the season the coach surprised everyone, and told Mitchell to suit up for the last 90 seconds.  His teammates passed him the ball, but he did not make the shot.  However, Jonathon Montanez (also a senior) from the other team, yelled Mitchell’s his last name and threw him the ball.  Mitchell made the shot, unfortunately they did not win the game.  Yet, the team thinks otherwise. Everyone was so excited for Mitchell, that both teams ended up being winners.  The moral of the story is to treat others equally.  The team did not care if they won or not, they wanted Mitchell to get the opportunity to play in a game.



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