Basketball Open Gym Starts

Last season, the boys basketball team had some improvement. Before then they were too young and unexperienced to win the big games. The leading scorer was a freshman and the chemistry between the team members wasn’t established. They ended up finishing off the season with a decent record but lost in the first round in the playoffs. Because of this the team knew they needed to start playing together more and getting a better feel for each other. So last week the team started open gyms.

On Wednesday, April 20 the first open gym was held at Lafayette. Everyone had enthusiasm and excitement to begin preparing for the future. Open gym is just a way to get back in the gym and keep working with each other. It’s a great way for anyone who enjoys basketball to get there mindset straight and show people what they can do.

The team usually starts off with an easy warm up, doing things like four corners and three man weave. Then they begin to play games against each other. This is a good opportunity for players to demonstrate some new plays for the coaches. Finally, they finish it all up at the free throw line. The team feels it is great that they started open gym earlier this year to really try and improve our team.

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