Beautiful Art of the Second Nine Weeks

As our second nine weeks comes to an end, Mrs. Gartley hosts an art show to show off what all of her students have created. This is a combination of all of her classes from her Art 2D class to her two ceramics classes. She enjoys showing off what her students have created for everyone else to admire. to other students to possibly spread the creativity.

On January 16th, she made one of the last days of the nine weeks truly memorable. Her classes held a party and set up little showcases to show off their art skills and pieces. Along with beautiful pieces, Snacks was proved to feed your mouth while you fed your eyes on the many pieces in the art room. Some of the pieces were made by artists of the week, Emily Parker, Trinity Lax and Isabel Aesoph.

After viewing pieces, students and teachers were allowed to vote for who they thought fit the categories most. Categories fall under some like “Most Original” and “Most Humorous.” At the end of the day, we tally all of the votes up and decide who the winner is of the competition. Any students were welcome to come in and vote.

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