Becca Geisel School Police Officer

The new school police officer Becca Geisel graduated from UHS in 2005. Becca was a raiderette. She also did soccer, cross country, track, and swimming. Becca went to Waynesburg University after graduating from high school. Before Becca was a school police officer she also was a deputy chief in West Virginia she also worked at a financial company. She enjoys being out doors and weightlifting in her spare time.

Becca is excited and thinks it is cool to be back and help at her alma mater. She also said that since she has graduated UHS has had a big remodel. Becca also is the track and field coach. Becca got involved with coaching because she saw her friend help and went to talk to them for more information. She also said as advice to the students at UHS to enjoy while you are here and have fun and do what you are supposed to do or you may regret it when you get older.

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