Bee-You Café: Closed

Have you ever been to Bee-You Café? They’ve been open since 2017, and were located on West Main Street. They worked in cooperation with The Yoga Garden. Bee-You Café served everything from lattes, protein smoothies, to hot teas. It seemed that the Café had made good, steady business that would last in Uniontown for years to come. The business went so far as to have winter clothing drives for the homeless, and hung the clothes on racks outside their café for the homeless to help themselves. It was a shock to see that on March 24th 2022, the beloved café was announced as closed.

The business began giving closing updates via Instagram on march 19th. Later they made a separate post announcing that their last official day open would be Wednesday, March 23rd. All merchandise began to be listed at 40% off.

All in all, I think its safe to say that all good things must come to an end. We will miss the beloved, Bee-You Café and all the amazing people that worked there.

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