Behind the Scenes: The Addams Family

Earlier this year it was announced that the spring musical production would be The Addams Family. Drama Club members listened to hours of the soundtrack, singing their audition songs any time they could, and taught themselves the small audition combination to impress the directors. The Art Club prepared to get their hands messy with set pieces and props.

The Drama Club pulls together to make a great show every spring, behind them is the Art Club coming in during off days, and working during art class to pull off the true magic. Musicals are creative and often the set is left up to interpretation, but this year the directors of the show are destined to pull off the most intricate and technically advanced show ever done at Uniontown High School. Long hours have been put in by the actors, the art club, but mostly the directors Mr. and Mrs. Wilson who have put countless hours after school into building set pieces, going over costumes, and many more technical aspects.

This years big project done by the art club is a very large tree set piece in which Mrs. Gartley and the Art Club have designed and put together. The tree was constructed with pipes and cardboard. Next it was given its tree-like structuring using wiring. After the initial structuring they had to make the tree come to life. First paper mache’d with newspaper, then there was an added layer of bedsheet mache to thicken the structure and lastly the tree will be painted to further enhance the incredible detail of the Addams Family set.

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