Weight Lifting for Exercise

Exercising may sound boring, however there are many benefits. Did you know that you are supposed to exercise at least 60 minutes each day? Any form of physical activity will keep your heart healthy. Some teenagers and young adults have begun weight lifting. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this select sport.

Weight lifting is specially known for weight loss and gain of muscle. But there are many more benefits. Such as lowering inflammation, preventing diseases, gaining confidence, better sleep and etc. It is a very hard workout that doesn’t take much to feel the burn.

Some disadvantages would be poor form when completing the exercises. If you don’t do the exercise correctly you can hurt yourself very fast. Another one, would be working the same muscle groups without rest days in between. Hyper focusing on weight lifting for weight loss can also lead to an eating disorder. Some people become focused on dieting and become critical of their body image. They may not be able to stop once they start this negative cycle.

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