Benefits of Houseplants

Recently, the University of Birmingham and the Royal Horticultural Society conducted many experiments evaluating the benefits of houseplants. Studies found that some houseplants reduce nitrogen dioxide in ones home up to twenty percent. Over the course of one hour, the plants were able to remove half of the nitrogen in the space.

Nitrogen dioxide is very harmful to the human body. Too much nitrogen dioxide can lead to lung disease, asthma and in severe cases, COPD or death. Considering this, it is wise to limit the amount of nitrogen dioxide one takes in. Obviously, it is inevitable to completely avoid it, as it is everywhere. However, one relatively inexpensive houseplant can make all the difference.

The plants that were tested in the experiment are very easy to take care of and not very expensive, therefore it is very accessible for everyone. These plants include the peace lily, the corn plant and the fern arum. With all the benefits these plants hold, why wouldn’t you get one for your house? Your health may thank you in the long run.

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