Bible Club outreaches to UHS students

On Monday February 14, the Uniontown Bible Club, officially dubbed “Raiders for Jesus,” performed their first mass scale outreach to the student body. The members stood at the cafeteria doors Monday morning to give each student that walked in a lollipop with an information card on it. According to many of the members, the main goal was to put a smile on each person’s face and to wish them a happy Valentine’s day.

The card included with the lollipop read “You Are Loved,” and included some information about the club as well as a Bible verse. “We really wanted to give all students the notion that they are all loved, no matter their circumstances, while also getting our club involved with more people,” says club member Ryleigh Kelley. The club’s members also disclosed that their favorite part was seeing the faces of many of the students light up after receiving the gift.

The Raiders for Jesus met on Friday morning to assemble the cards and worked together to create almost 300 lollipops to give out. “I would consider this outreach a huge success. We were able to spread positivity to so many students on Valentines day, all while getting our information out there,” says club member Payton Hostetler. The Bible Club continues to meet every Thursday morning at 7:30 in the Cafeteria.

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