Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

As the Delta Variant tears through the country a new 2021 vaccine mandate was put into place on Thursday by president Biden stating that more people must receive the Covid 19 vaccine shot. The president has stated that he has run out of patience for unvaccinated Americans.

The new Emergency Temporary Standard will apply to public sector state and local government workers, educators, school staff, and government employees. Federal workers have 75 days to get them selves vaccinated, if they refuse they will first be faced with counseling and most likely be terminated from their occupation if they continue to deny. This new standard will require companies to prove their workers are vaccinated or enforce weekly testings. Employers could face a $14,000 fine per violation if rules are broken.

Biden’s new plan consists of six pillars : “vaccinating the unvaccinated, further protecting the vaccinated through booster shots, keeping schools open, increase testing and requiring masks, protecting the economic recovery and improving care for those with Covid 19.” Some believe that a vaccine mandate is an invasion of their rights , while others recommend receiving the vaccine to protect others. Many question if President Biden’s new vaccine mandates will hold up.

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