Big Ben’s Final Playoff Game

Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, didn’t have things go his way on Sunday. The Steelers fell to Kansas City 42-21. Although he threw for 200 yards, Kansas City Chief quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, doubled it with 400 yards passing and 5 touchdowns. Steeler defense was strong early, with a fumble recovery for a touchdown, but after that nothing went their way. The team let them get those long passes that they should’ve expected, and it killed them on the long run.

The Steelers had a strong first half, until about six minutes left in the second quarter, when it went downhill. The Chiefs scored three touchdowns in a matter of less than six minutes, and took a 21-7 lead at half. The third quarter wasn’t much better with the Chiefs racking up two more touchdowns taking a 35-14 lead going into the fourth quarter. By that time everyone knew it was over, but all in all, the Steelers would have had to play the game perfectly to win. No hate to Mike Tomlin whatsoever, but Andy Reid is a very good coach with lots of talent in his offense.

The main reason we lost was because we let their offense start clicking and getting those long passes to work. Our secondary got lazy after that first score, and cost the game. On the offensive side, with Ben being limited to short passes because of his arm. If our offensive line started to actually do something, and block for Najee, we could’ve beat them with the run game. But no one is perfect, and you can’t win them all. Ben, if you see this, thank you for all the years and loyalty. May your legacy hold a great example for the next QB.

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