“Bond, James Bond.” – Review of “Skyfall”

“Skyfall” – Directed by Sam Mendes

Cast: Daniel Craig (James Bond), Judi Dench (M), Javier Bardem (Silva), Naomie Harris (Eve).

Plot: The story of James Bond, Agent 007, continues in the action-packed “Skyfall.” Bond’s loyalty to M, the head of MI6, is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Review: “Skyfall” features Daniel Craig in his 3rd installment as the cunning James Bond. Craig’s portrayal of a grittier and tougher Bond, along with the wit and humor of the classic Bonds, makes him my favorite of the 9 actors to have their take on the classic series. In Craig’s first two Bond films, “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace,” the new Bond seemed far from his classic roots, but as soon as this movie started, you knew he was back.  Throughout “Skyfall,” there were so many connections with classic Bond films, and familiar characters reappeared with new life. Nothing felt more nostalgic then when the original Bond theme played behind Daniel Craig as he set out in classic espionage missions. Overall, it just felt like how Bond should be. But even for those not familiar with the Bond movies, the plot was easy to pick up on, and the deep-rooted storyline was only known to big fans of the series. It was an awesome action movie that opened in the midst of a big chase, capturing the attention of the audience instantly. From here, Bond battles an enemy on top of a train and, in a twist of events, is accidentally hit by a bullet from a fellow agent, sending him into the water, thought to be dead. The movie then cuts to the classic music video intro featured in Bond films. Adele’s “Skyfall” definitely did not disappoint.  This movie had excitement in every scene and kept the audience on the edge of their seats, as any good action movie should. Daniel Craig does an exceptional job, and Javier Bardem plays a villain that seems to be all-knowing and able to make anything he wants to happen, happen. When this movie ended, it just had me wanting more. I’m very excited for the future Bond films that Craig is already signed on for. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for some action.

Overall Rating: 9.1/10

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