Book Review: The Devil’s Guard

As of recently a book in the school library has caught my attention. It was a book I had read before and was one of my favorites; The Devil’s Guard. It came as a pleasant surprise as, I had not expected it to be in the library, be it a new addition or not. Regardless I am certain it will become a student favorite.

The Devil’s Guard is written by Eric Meyer in the direct words of the Obsturmfuhrer, one Hans Wagemuller, a primary source and former German Waffen SS Ofizier turned French Legionaire Sargeant. He tells the tale of his group of former Nazis (better known as the ”Battalion of the Damned) who were pressed into service with the French Foreign Legion in order to avoid execution for as Hans Wagemuller said ”fighting for the French is better than swinging from their gallows.” Upon impression into the Legion, they are sent to fight in their Indochina War bearing witness and committing numerous atrocities. Their prior experiences fighting communists in World War Two could never have prepared them for what they were about to face within the jungles of Southeast Asia. The type of fighting and dirty war they see there is unlike nothing they saw before, leaving even the hardened SS soldiers traumatized, never the same again. The Waffen SS was the armed wing of the NSDAP, a.k.a the Nazi Party.

The book is incredibly well written as Wagemuller is well spoken and Meyer did well putting his story into writing. The Devil’s Guard is a one of a kind novel and gives great insight into the minds and thoughts of war criminals. It is an eye opening book with input, facts, evidence, testimonials and first hand accounts that have never been seen by the prying eyes of the rest of the world.

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