Boys Baseball 2013

By: Jeremy Perkins

The Uniontown Red Raiders Boys baseball team plan to have a winning season this year as they begin conditioning and weightlifting already. The boys baseball team conditions everyday after school on the football field or on the track, unless it rains they condition in the basketball court. Also the boys baseball team goes to the newly opened indoor batting cages in Uniontown. The new batting cages that opened is called ” Time Out” this new facility offers batting cages for individual players and teams. This new facility will offer great practice for the Uniontown boys baseball team. The team has been going to Time Out at least once a week in place of conditioning.

Also the Uniontown Red Raiders boys baseball team will be under new management this year. The Red Raiders have gotten new coaches for the 2013 season. The new head coach of the boys team is Ken Musko. The Red Raiders hope that the new coach will spark the team and they will have a winning season and make the WPIAL play offs this season. The Uniontown Boys baseball team has great potential to have a great season this year!


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