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By: Jeremy Perkins

This years 2012-2013 Uniontown Red Raiders basketball team has four returning senior basketball players. These players are Dreher Winfrey, Christian (Crit) Kezmarsky, Khris Elam, and Miles Jackson. The Raiders are currently 15-2, and ranked 3rd in the WPIAL AAA.

Dreher Winfrey #1 Position: Guard Height: 5’10

Christian Kezmarsky #4 Position: Guard Height: 5’10

Kris Elam #13 Position: Forward Height: 6’0

Miles Jackson #15 Position: Guard Height: 5’10

I asked the four senior basketball players questions about their last year playing basketball at Uniontown High School. The first question asked was  “How do you feel about your last year playing at Uniontown? “Crits response was “I am going to miss playing with my teammates.” Dreher responded “I am going to miss my team.” Miles said “I am going to miss playing basketball here at Uniontown. Kris’s response was ” I am going miss this team!”

The second question asked was  “How do you feel about the upcoming LH game? ” Crit’s response was  “I am excited to get revenge.” Dreher  felt that “We need to redeem ourselves from the first game we played against them.” Miles response was  “I want to beat them bad. ” Kris said  “It’s time for pay back!”

Finally I asked ” Will you continue your basketball career in college? ” Crits response was ” No, I am just going to school.” Drehers’ response was  “Yes, I will be going to college and will continue my basketball career.” Miles said  “I will probably be playing football in college.” Kris responded “I will either continue my basketball or football career in college.”


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