Braden Carei Holds Belmont Pole Vault Record

Braden Carei, 2015 graduate of Uniontown Area High School, is a member of the Track & Field team at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Through his time on the team, Carei set two new school records at Belmont for both indoor & outdoor track seasons. We had the opportunity to interview Braden about his accomplishment process and goals.

April: What are the school records that you set in both high school & college?
Braden: In high school, I set the pole vault record at 14’6. I also hold the 6 dive and 11 dive high school records. In college, I set the indoor pole vault record at 16’1 and the outdoor pole vaulting record at 15’7.

April: What does your training consist of?
Braden: A normal week of training will consist of 5 days of workouts. two days of pole vaulting practices, 2 days of sprinting and speed development, and one day of power/strength circuits. On top of that we will have strength training happen, in addition, on two of those days.

April: How do you balance your studies and training schedules?
Braden: I feel that my training schedule is something that holds me accountable when it comes to studying and homework. I have to use the time that I have outside of practice and class efficiently. I don’t want to be worrying about class work when I am at practice because can add unnecessary stress.

April: What field of studies are your degrees in for both your bachelors & masters degree.
Braden: I graduated undergrad with two bachelors degrees: one in computer science and the other in audio engineering. I am currently in the Audio Engineering masters program.


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