Brian Laundrie Confirmed Dead by FBI

For those of you who don’t know who Brian Laundrie is, he is a man who is charged with murdering his fiance, Gabby Petito, during their road trip through Colorado, Kansas, Utah, and Wyoming. The authorities and Dog the Bounty Hunter have been searching for Laundrie for the past month. This morning on October, 22 2021 the FBI confirmed Laundrie’s death through dental records.

His body was found in a Florida Preserve in Sarasota County where his parents helped in the search. His father found a Dry Bag about 20 feet off the trail and the authorities found a backpack that belonged to him. Shortly after Chris Laundrie found the bag they were asked to leave the preserve. The reasoning was because they had found remains that resembled Brian Laundrie’s body.

The trails that his body was found at were closed leading the authorities to believe that Chris Laundrie planted the Dry Bag since it was a good distance off of the path. The FBI were asked if Laundrie’s body could have been there for a month since they started the search and they said that it is quite possible. The Petito’s are extremely overwhelmed that he was found even though they didn’t want him to be found dead.

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