Butterball Turkey Shortage

This year there is a Butterball turkey shortage. But don’t worry because there is a ton of Butterball turkeys for everyone that loves turkey!

Some of the farmers that raise the turkeys for Butterball could not get there turkeys to “put on the extra pounds.” The shortage only concerns Butterball’s fresh whole turkeys, up to sized of 16 pounds. Butterball stated “If customers cannot find a fresh Butterball whole turkey in their preferred size, they can still purchase a Butterball frozen whole turkey for Thanksgiving.”

Butterball also states that 253 million turkeys are raised in the United States each year, with about 41 million being raised by Butterball alone.” An average of 48 million turkeys are eaten just on Thanksgiving, with Butterball’s turkeys making up about ¼ of the turkey market, or about 13.4 million turkeys. As a result, anybody who wants a Butterball turkey will be able to get one!

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