Senior Project Showcase: Cameron Walton

In December of 2018, Cameron Walton started his senior project. His senior project was coaching a basketball team for the Fayette County Church Basketball League. He did this with Kevin Zahron. Together they successfully held practices every Tuesday during the months that the league was running. Sadly, their team ended the season with only one win, but the kids had lots of fun.

Cameron and Kevin are both juniors, and are anxious to present their project senior year. They acquired the coaching spot, because they both played in the league for a long time, and the league owners liked them, and wanted to help them out.

Cameron said that is was challenging to work with little kids, but he wanted to express to them that the most important thing about basketball is to have fun, which the kids did. One of the fathers of the children was a priest, who was nice enough to let them use the gym under his church for practices.

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