Caring Team

Have you ever lost a loved one? Do you know of any child that goes without insurance? The National Honor Society, as part of the Caring Team, helps raise money for these causes. They have tagged at all athletic events and are going to continue to do this in the future. They are going to put together a calender party for fun games, activities, and prizes to raise money.

One fundraiser that the Caring Team is taking part in has students donate a quarter to get a thumb print on a tree branch. These donations go to construct buildings that kids and adults go to in order to cope with the fact that they lost someone they care about and loved. Here, there are activities and games for people to play to just be happy. Counseling is also there for people to talk to about what’s going on in their lives.

Another event that they take part in would be Operation Christmas Child. The Caring Team is asking all students and teachers to put together a shoe box of gifts for less fortunate children so they can also have a Merry Christmas. Red Cross is also organizing an annual blood drive at our school for this cause. Also, in their spare time, the Caring Team visits nursing homes to keep company with the elderly.  Sally Wiggin, Hines Ward, Ryan Clark, and Max Starks are the founders of this organization. Different high schools are asking people to be part of the Caring Team all over the area.


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