Ceramics at UHS

Ceramics is one of the many electives offered here at Uniontown Area High School. In Ceramics, students learn skills to help them make wonderful pieces out of clay. They learn skills such as how to properly wedge the clay, and how to join the clay together without it coming apart when being fired in the kiln, and how to work with the pottery wheel.

I had ceramics class the 2nd 9 weeks and Mrs. Gartley encourages all students to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have free clay to make wonderful things with and I do as well because it’s very expensive to do this later in life. Mrs. Gartley also mentioned to our class that this might be your only free opportunity in your lifetime with free clay to make whatever you want with, which is another reason why she encourages students to take ceramics.

Even if you weren’t interested in taking ceramics to begin with and they just placed you in the class, I think that students should just stick with it because you never know, you might actually like it. Besides, it most certainly is better than taking some other elective where you have to actually write and do work such as Journalism or Speech. To any students who have Ceramics, I think you should definitely take advantage and enjoy it while it lasts because like Mrs. Gartley and myself said, this may be your only opportunity of your life to have free clay and make great things.

Below are pictures of some of the things that I made in Ceramics:

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