Cheerleaders Compete Disney

Some of the students here at UHS do competitive cheer teams. This competitive cheerleading is called All-Star cheerleading. In this area there a few different gym options, but the students at this school go to Rain Athletics and Rock N Rolls.

The cheer gyms are divided into different divisions. The first way we are divided is smaller gyms only compete against small gyms and big gyms compete against big gyms. Rock N Rolls is a D2 gym, which means it is smaller, and Rain Athletics is a bigger gym so they are D1. Bella Dolfi is a Rain Athletics athlete and they will leave this week for Disney and compete this weekend for the D1 Summit. Kaylee Mutnansky, Ryelee Younkin, and Zoey Jenkins are Rock N Rolls athletes and they will leave next week and compete next weekend for the D2 Summit.

The Summit compares to nationals in dance, or the playoffs in other sports. It is the last competition of the year. It means a lot to all of these girls. When I asked Bella what Summit meant to her she said, ” Summit is what we work for all season. It means a lot to me, it’s the final time I get to step on the mat with my best friends.” I asked Kaylee the same question and her reply was ” Summit is what we work for all season so just getting invited and having the opportunity to attend is amazing. Even if we don’t come in first or place as high as we had expected it pushes us to work even harder next year.” You can tell how passionate these girls are about cheerleading. Good luck to Rain Athletics and Rock N Rolls at Disney!

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