Cheerleading Tryouts 2013-2014 Season

Do you have pep, love going to the games, or attending school activities? Then you should try out for cheerleading.This year the tryouts will be right after school from May 13th May 17th. To try out you are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA and are not allowed to have more than a certain amount of unexcused absences. On the first four days of  tryouts the girls will learn a dance, cheer, and a chant. On the fifth and final day each contestant has to wear a white T-shirt and black shorts and perform their dance, cheer, and chant in front of the judges.

If  you make either the junior varsity or varsity square, there will be a meeting held for the cheerleaders and her parents. Being a cheerleader for the Uniontown Radiers is an after school activity that requires a lot of time, effort, and responsibilities. In August there will be a cheerleading camp mandatory for each cheerleader to attend. During both Football and Basketball season practices will be held weekly if a cheerleader can not attend then she is required to contact and notify the coach prior to the practice.

But with the responsibilities comes a lot of excitement. Media day, sleepovers, parties, you you name it cheerleaders do it. Do not miss out on on next seasons fun, so get your pom poms out and tryout to be a Uniontown Red Raider Cheerleader!


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