Choosing a Queen

As the homecoming game gets closer and closer over this week, the pressure is on to pick a queen. Last Friday the court members were announced. The Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior representatives are Gianna Radovich, Jolene Miller, Olivia Huey, and Bella Palm. The ones eligible to win queen are the five senior court members : Avery Anderson, Sequoia Dunlap, Ariana Frankenfield, Jersey Greer, and Avery Lax.

You might have already had your vote bought with a bag of candy or a cupcake, but if you haven’t we have interviewed the five senior court members so you can make an educated choice when you go to the ballet on Thursday. You can watch the video linked in this article and on the 2023 page or read the Court Members profiles below.

Avery Anderson is a third year active member of student council and a second year active member of Spanish club. She also is a senior runner for the high schools cross country team coached by Joe Everhart.

Sequoia Dunlap plays softball and volleyball for the high school teams and outside of school she plays softball for Team Pennsylvania. She has already committed to Towson University and plans to play D1 softball there.

Ariana Frankenfeild is a member of the drama club, including one acts and musical. She is marching band silk captain, and a member of student council.

Jersey Greer is an active member of the Mount Olivet Baptist Church under the direction of Paster Vincent L. Winfrey Sr. After High School she plans to get a bachelors degree in business. She also has been a four year player on the ladies raider basketball team.

Avery Lax is captain of the cheerleading squad here at Uniontown Area High School. She is a member of the drama club, participating in one acts and the musical. She is also a dancer at Koza and Co.

Don’t forget to vote on the 2023 class page. The polls close on Thursday the 15th at midnight.

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