December 25th a date everyone is celebrating and families come together. Christmas is the day families celebrate the new arrival of baby Jesus. Through out the years families have lost sight of the true meaning behind Christmas. We celebrate by decorating, giving gifts, receiving etc. Everyone is always so happy during the season because its so filled with love.

This Christmas we need to take the time and looked at the real meaning behind Christmas. Some families will not celebrate Christmas due to the religious background. Some families will abbreviate Christmas for X-Mas. You may be wondering what Santa brought you, but Christmas is more than that. It should be about reuniting families, healing the broken families, and fixing the hurt.

I believe Christmas is for the broken, families will come will gather and maybe some ”Christmas magic” will bring them back together. Kids will see their parents who maybe argue often, rejoice Christmas morning. This holiday is very spiritual and no one can deny the fact that the love in Christmas is much stronger during this holiday then ever before.

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