Notable Native: Chuck Muncie

By: Kean Calloway

Chuck (who original name is Harry Vance) was an American football Running Back for the New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers in the National Football League. Chuck was selected to play in the pro bowl three times and then tied the record for the most rushing touchdowns in NFL history. In the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s Muncie  was considered one of the best running backs to ever play, until cocaine problems that forced him to retired. Eventually Chuck went t0 Jail where he then turn his life around and now helps other through mentoring programs.

Early life and Career:

Chuck Muncie was born in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania as one of the 6 children in a football playing family. Muncie played football up to his senior year and stop because of an injury, so he turn to basketball. Chuck got a Scholarship for basketball to Arizona Western College. But when he got there the coach for football was so impressed that he decided to as him to join the football team. Muncie tried out for the team and made it, he never played basketball for his college but was recruited by the University of  California.

NFL Career:

In the NFL chuck went to the pro bowl and was named the game MVP after the 1979 season with the saints. He also set many records the are still unbroken to date.  He was the first player in NFL history for the saints to be selected All Pro. but he also was the first NFL player to rush for a 1,000 yards plateau when he ran for 1198 yards in 1979. But Muncie retired after his 1984 season, He finished his nine season career with 6,702 rushing yards, 263 receptions 2,323 yards, 20 kickoff returns for 432 yards and 74 touchdowns.

After Football Life Experience:

Muncie spent time in federal prison for 18 months on cocaine distribution charges. After being released Chuck dedicated himself to a life of community service. He made his own foundation called the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation. His foundation requires things like Youth Mentoring, Kids Camp, Tattoo Removal, School Assistance, Immunization for the uninsured, Wellness fair, Job Training and a lot of other stuff.  Today Muncie continues helping the football players of the University of California.



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