Class of 2013

The seniors are going to make this year great, and the person to lead the fun is Rachel Diamond. Rachel is the President of the Senior Class. Her plan for this year is “To have as much fun as possible, it’s our senior year, so let’s go for it!” There will be plenty of dances to raise money for the seniors, there will be t-shirts sold, and usual fundraisers like the Sarris pretzel rod sale.

Rachel’s role as president is to work with all of the officers to do fundraising, planning the dances and prom, and most importantly, making sure that this year is a blast! Rachel says that “I have always had some ideas in mind for the school, and thought that the best way to voice my ideas was through becoming an officer.” Rachel’s goal is to set a good example for the other students, to listen to everyone’s ideas, and to plan class reunions for the future.  So next time your thinking of an idea of something you want to see happening in the school, go talk to Rachel Diamond, she is open to opinions, and will make sure that you are heard.



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