Cliques in High School

Uniontown High School has students from all different types of locations, and their different personalities help to make up our diversity. With such a diverse group of students, it can be easy to classify them into “groups,” or cliques.

For example, the band & musical kids. Blain Schiff, who participates in both, says “We sure know how to have fun! We like to hang out. We kinda feel like some students stereotype us into this group, but it’s just high school.”

Tito Cantalamessa and Jeff Schambach are football players and would usually be stereotyped into the “jock group,” which is something every school seems to have. Jeff said, “We like the group of guys we chill with, we’re like family.”

Class clowns Christian Kezmarsky and Tyler Conaway say, “We like to play video games & party.” Christian also explained, “People judge me a lot but don’t really know me.” In high school, it seems as though it’s easy to judge others without knowing the full story about a person.

One of the reasons UHS has so many diverse groups is that many of the students come from different locations. We have the “mountain kids” and the “town kids.” Erin Lohr, who is from the mountains, explains what most of them like to do in their spare time: “We like to have bonfires, hunt, and party.” She also explains that people describe them as “hicks,” but that they are all normal. They just dress and talk differently than some people.

UHS also has the “smart kids.” These people are easy to go to when you need help on an assignment in class, and more commonly, the people you go to when you didn’t finish your homework. Christian Bean, who is definitely a smart kid, says “We keep to ourselves a lot because all of our classes are with the same group of people. ” But Christian doesn’t want to be categorized. He says that even though they have the same classes, they all have different social groups and different interests.

So as you can see, our school has many cliques. But even though we all have different interests and personalities, it seems as though everyone has one main goal: fun. In reality, we’re all one big group of high school kids who can’t wait for graduation.


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