Coach Everharts Memorial Bench

Coach Joe Everhart has been coaching for 35 years and he’s never had a losing season. Recently Joe had been given a bench in his name inside the Bill Power stadium. On the concrete slab the bench was placed on there is a plaque that says, “You have inspired us to grow Athletically, Academically, & Spiritually. You optimize the words: “COACH”, “MENTOR”, “LEADER” & “FRIEND”. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!”.

I have personally been coached by Joe for 4 years now, in both track and cross country. He is by far the best coach I’ve had in all my high school career. He just has a way of connecting with each runner and his style of coaching is much different from other coaches.

Joe not only connects with his team at practice but after practice at FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a bible study group that he is apart of. Joe loves to help people especially people that aren’t as fortunate as everyone else. Every year he takes the cross country team to the western Pennsylvania school of the blind to help out the kids and staff there as community service and everyone always has lots of fun there.

Even though joe is a coach he was also a teacher in Uniontown Area School District. This being said Joe always keeps up on his athletes grades and makes sure we get the help we need if we are falling behind in class. He always says, ” student athlete, there’s a reason student comes before athlete.” Joe always makes sure we have good grades. The average GPA on the team is over a 3.5. And a lot of that goes to joe pushing us not only on the course, but in the classroom as well.

Joe’s father was also a coach for Uniontown, he coached the basketball team and the cross country team. Joe’s father Abe led the basketball team to many state titles and he led the cross country team to many victories. The gymnasium is in Abe’s name and I’m glad we can add another piece of the Everhart coaching history to Uniontown Area High School

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