Coach Kezmarsky’s Vision for the Upcoming Girl’s Basketball Season

With the girl’s upcoming basketball tryouts being held on November 19th and 20th, we decided to interview Coach Kezmarsky on how she feels about the Upcoming basketball season.

Q: How long have you been coaching Uniontown High School Girls Basketball?
A: This year will be my 5th season coaching the Girls team.

Q: What were some struggles the girls faced last season?
A: Covid made preparing for the season difficult. We had to quarantine at the very beginning of the season. Then, we were completely shutdown until after the holidays. Getting back in shape and conditioned when we returned was hard.

Q: How do you think this upcoming season will go?
A: I’m excited about this season. We have a lot of returning players this season, that have been with the program for a while. We are able to play in the summer league and condition throughout the summer and fall. The team has a strong core of players that work well together. I believe we will see much success this season.

Q: What do you think the hardest thing will be for the girls to learn and/or accomplish this season?
A: We need to learn how to play from behind. A major struggle we have is when we fall behind on the scoreboard we tend to give up. We have to learn to never give up and never let up. Our goal is to make playoffs. We need to stay focused and work together all season if we’re going to accomplish that.

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