College Fair for Juniors

Yesterday, March seventeenth, Mrs. Baker took a group of Juniors to a College Fair in Pittsburgh. The fair was put on by The NACAC and held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. It featured in-state, out-of-state, and even some international colleges from the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland. There was also a booth set up by the host that provided students with information about applying for college and getting scholarships.

They left the school at eight and traveled into the city. The students were given almost two hours to walk around and explore all the booths. At the booths students could receive brochures and talk to spokes people from each college. Additionally, this college fair took making connections to the next level, with barcodes. Each student who registered before hand, was emailed a barcode that could be scanned by on of the colleges. It automatically gave the college the students email and address so they could continue to receive information.

Mrs. Baker hoped with this experience, she could encourage more students thinking about college and get them excited to start filling out applications in the near future. She did just that. As the bus pulled out, students began to flip through brochures and talk excitedly about the new colleges they had learned about. These students received information about their futures and made connections that will help them in the next phase of there lives. Mrs. Baker deserves a big thanks for setting up this field trip and everything else she does for the students here at Uniontown.

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